好電影就是讓你錯過多年,但慶幸沒有忘記去看的電影。時常聽身邊的朋友談到這一部影片,而且 J.K. Simmons 主演的新片屢次提及此片為他的代表作(榮獲奧斯卡金像獎、金球獎和英國影藝學院電影獎最佳男配角),讓我更好奇背後的原因,租不到 DVD 的情況下,乾脆用買的比較快。

19 歲的 Andrew 進入薛佛音樂學院後,被老師 Fletcher 延攬到爵士工作室樂團,一個立志成為偉大的爵士鼓手,一個夢想調教出下一位爵士天才,兩人的相遇會激發什麼樣的火花或衝突呢?



Part 1:老師方面


Terence Fletcher: Truth is, I don't think people... understood what it was I was doing at Shaffer. I wasn't there to conduct. Any fucking moron can wave his arms and keep people in tempo. I was there to push people beyond what's expected of them. I believe that is... an absolute necessity. Otherwise, we're depriving the world of the next Louis Armstrong. The next Charlie Parker. I told you that story about how Charlie Parker became Charlie Parker, right?

Andrew: Jo Jones threw a cymbal at his head.

Terence Fletcher: Exactly. Parker's a young kid, pretty good on the sax. Gets up to play at a cutting session, and he fucks it up. And Jones nearly decapitates him for it. And he's laughed off-stage. Cries himself to sleep that night, but the next morning, what does he do? He practices. And he practices and he practices with one goal in mind, never to be laughed at again. And a year later, he goes back to the Reno and he steps up on that stage, and plays the best motherfucking solo the world has ever heard. So imagine if Jones had just said, "Well, that's okay, Charlie. That was all right. Good job." And then Charlie thinks to himself, "Well, shit, I did do a pretty good job." End of story. No Bird. That, to me, is an absolute tragedy. But that's just what the world wants now. People wonder why jazz is dying. I'll tell you, man - and every Starbucks "jazz" album just proves my point, really - there are no two words more harmful in the entire English language than "good job".


Andrew: But is there a line? You know, maybe you go too far and you discourage the next Charlie Parker from ever becoming Charlie Parker?

Terence Fletcher: No, man, no. Because the next Charlie Parker would never be discouraged.

Andrew: Yeah.

Terence Fletcher: The truth is, Andrew, I never really had a Charlie Parker. But I tried. I actually fucking tried, and that's more than most people ever do. And I will never apologize for how I tried.

Terence Fletcher:其實,我覺得大家不懂我在薛佛做些什麼,我不是去那裏指揮的。隨便一個智障都能揮手讓大家保持節奏。我去那裏是為了刺激人,超越大家對他們的期望。我相信那…有絕對的必要性。否則這個世界上就沒有下一個阿姆斯壯,或下一個查理帕克了。我跟你說過查理帕克成功的故事吧?

Andrew: 喬瓊斯拿鈸扔他的頭。

Terence Fletcher:沒錯,帕克是年輕小子。他的薩克斯風挺強的,但上台跟人對飆時搞砸了。瓊斯差點砍掉他的頭,他被人恥笑下台,那天晚上哭著入睡。但隔天早上,他怎麼做?他不斷練習,練了又練,心中只有一個目標—那就是絕對不要再被恥笑。一年後,他回到雷諾,站上同樣的舞台,吹出世人從未聽過的精采獨奏。想想看,如果瓊斯只說:「沒關係,查理。沒事,很好。」而查理自己想說:「靠,我表現得很好。」那就沒了,就沒有大鳥了。這對我來說是完全的悲劇,但現在世界要的就是這樣,世人不了解爵士為什麼快完了。告訴你,星巴克每出一張爵士專輯,就再度證明我的論點。“很好”是殺傷力最大的兩個字。


Terence Fletcher:不會,因為下一個查理帕克永遠不會受挫退出。


Terence Fletcher:安德魯,事實上,我沒有真的調教出一個查理帕克,但我努力過了。我他媽努力過了,這比多數人做的還要多。我也永遠不會為了我的努力道歉。

Fletcher 識才,覺得有潛力的學生就會請他們到樂團來,但新人很快就發現自己遇上一位魔鬼老師,帶有髒話和歧視字眼的咒罵是家常便飯,而且是貼著學生臉龐吼叫,甚至出手呼巴掌,通常被罵的人不是滿頭大汗就是淚流滿面。


老實說,這不是我能接受的指導方式,可能讓十位學生大受打擊從此不碰樂器,仍舊教不出一位天才,更慘的是抗壓性低的人選擇輕生。不過我認同他的理念,大部份天才不是天生的,跟天賦比起來,後天的付出更為重要,有人就是需要鞭策,才有更上一層樓的動力。另一方面, Fletcher 會找至少兩位到三位鼓手,彼此之間良性競爭,再讓表現最好的人上台。

此外,比起許多人庸庸碌碌過生活, Fletcher 很清楚自己要什麼,也奮鬥了很多年,無論結果是什麼,至少不曾後悔,這是值得他驕傲的一件事情。

Part 2:學生方面



Uncle Frank: So that's your idea of success, huh?

Andrew: I think being the greatest musician of the 20th century is anybody's idea of success.

Jim: Dying broke and drunk and full of heroin at the age of 34 is not exactly my idea of success.

Andrew: I'd rather die drunk, broke at 34 and have people at a dinner table talk about me than live to be rich and sober at 90 and nobody remembered who I was.

Uncle Frank: Ah, but your friends will remember you, that's the point.

Andrew: None of us were friends with Charlie Parker. That's the point.

Uncle Frank:這就是你對成功的定義?

Andrew:我認為在 20 世紀當偉大的樂手是所有人對成功的定義。

Jim:窮困、酗酒、用海洛因在 34 歲死掉,在我看來可不是成功的定義。

Andrew:我寧可在 34 歲酗酒和窮困死掉,讓別人在餐桌談論我,也不要有錢和清醒地活到 90 歲,卻沒沒無聞。

Uncle Frank:可是你的朋友會記得你,這是重點。


家族聚餐邊吃晚飯邊聊近況,免不了會比較每個人的成就,舅舅 Frank 對於 Andrew 當鼓手很不以為然,不過 Andrew 內心十分清楚自己的目標。

成功需要什麼條件?在人脈和運氣之外,實力才是不可或缺的,也是最關鍵的條件。一分耕耘,一分收穫,沒有一步登天的捷徑,只有日復一日的練習。當同學在跑趴玩樂時,Andrew 在家打鼓打到手在發抖,雙手流血仍不停止練習,打算讓老師 Fletcher 刮目相看。你曾經下定決心要做某件事情嗎?與其擔心沒有時間跟朋友出去,不如去想真正的好友一定可以諒解,他們會耐心等你熬過閉關期,你所要做的,就是專心每天往目標前進就好。



Terence Fletcher: Five-P.M. call tomorrow in Dunellen. Give yourself at least two hours to get there this time, alright? Save your travel receipts. Or don't. I don't give a shit.

Andrew: Hey. Sorry, I'm late.

Terence Fletcher: Well, glad you could fit us into your busy schedule, darling.

Terence Fletcher: 明天下午五點到 Dunellen 集合,這一次起碼給你自己兩小時過去,好嗎?把坐車的收據留著,不留也行,我才不在乎。

Andrew: (隔天早上) 抱歉,我遲到了。

Terence Fletcher: 親愛的,真高興你能夠在百忙之中把我們的比賽安插進去啊!

明天就是樂團的正式比賽,老師 Fletcher 還再次提醒大家要提早出門,沒想到公車爆胎,Andrew 趕緊租車趕去會場,抵達時卻發現鼓棒放在車上,一來一回之間,不幸發生車禍。另外,Andrew 最初入選樂團時,Fletcher 交代首次練習在隔天早上六點,結果他睡過頭,起床已經是六點零五分,雖然事後發現被整,實際練習為上午九點,但萬一真的是六點呢?一個菜鳥還敢遲到,可能還沒練習就被逐出樂團了。



I have always been a quarter of an hour before my time and it has made a man of me.

我人生中的所有成功,全拜任何場合都早到 15 分鐘所賜。

Time is everything; five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat.



Andrew 在樂團正式比賽遲到後,不滿 Fletcher 換人上場的決定,當著全體團員的面嗆聲,說 Fletcher 只是嚇唬人,不可能不讓最優秀的鼓手登台演出。



Andrew: Hey, look, I can play these charts.

Terence Fletcher: Now is not the time, I swear to God.

Andrew: I can play it, okay?

Terence Fletcher: I SAID NOT NOW! If you want the fucking part, earn it.

Andrew: 聽著,我能搞定這樂譜,你幹嘛這麼做?

Terence Fletcher: 現在沒空談這個,我對天發誓。

Andrew: 我能打,好嗎?

Terence Fletcher: 我說現在沒空!如果你真的想打,就努力去爭取。

正當 Andrew 幹掉首席鼓手 Tanner,擺脫替補鼓手的身分,開始沾沾自喜時,Fletcher 隨即找了另一名鼓手入團,並且在簡短測試之後,決定改選他為首席鼓手,也不理會 Andrew 的抗議。



19 歲的 Andrew 看到正妹 Nicole 就去約,交往沒多久就為了夢想放棄愛情,這些我都能理解,但吃回頭草就不太好了。女朋友不是自動販賣機,投錢就有東西,更不會永遠在那邊等你。當初害人家傷心離開,現在自己即將登上林肯音樂廳演奏,很希望有人分享榮耀才打電話敘舊,再現實不過了。另外,初次約會時 Nicole 談到自己生平無大志,分數到了哪家學校就去念,也沒什麼特別想做的事情,Andrew 聽完之後沒有回應, 讓 Nicole 感到有點失落,這應該是日後分手的原因之一。



Part 3:其他方面


Terence Fletcher: The folder is your fucking responsibility, Tanner. Why would you give it to Neiman? Right? You give a calculator to a fucking retard he's gonna try to turn on a TV with it.

Terence Fletcher: 譚諾,那樂譜歸你負責,你為什麼要拿給奈曼?對嗎?你把一台計算機交給一個智障,他會拿它去開電視。

某一次表演之前,首席鼓手 Tanner 在休息時間把樂譜交給 Andrew 保管,遺失之後由於自己不會背譜,演奏機會當場被 Andrew 搶走。



Andrew 很幸運知道自己的興趣和天賦是打鼓,即使每次遭遇困難,父親就勸他這就是人生的現實,不如換條路走,還好他不甘心被打垮,靠著刻苦練習,最終成為老師 Fletcher 眼中的出色鼓手。


到底父母要如何培養兒女的興趣呢?在《Grit/恆毅力》這本書中,作者 Angela Duckworth 曾提到她替全家訂出的 Hard Thing Rule,第一階段是父母和女兒們都要找一件值得挑戰、天天練習的事情,對她來說是心理學研究,老公是跑步,兩位女兒則是鋼琴;第二階段是直到某個時間點之前,都不能輕易放棄,例如進展不如預期或被老師責罵,不可以當天就打退堂鼓;第三階段是選出將來願意繼續挑戰的 hard thing,沒有人會替你做決定,因為被人逼著做通常不會持續太久;最後一個階段是針對你的選擇,至少要熬過兩年的練習。這個 Hard Thing Rule 能夠培養兒女的毅力,每天練習也能縮短他們浪費在社交媒體上的時間,加上爸媽以身作則,是孩子的最佳榜樣。

想起自己小時候曾被逼著去補習珠算、作文和英文,除了英文之外,其他都覺得很煩,甚至累到在補習班打瞌睡,要是那時候知道有一天會愛上寫作,應該會更認真學習,因此 Hard Thing Rule 不無道理,先讓孩子多方選擇,再找出最愛的嗜好持之以恆練習,終究會有看到成果的一天。






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